The AltLep board is a group of people who are interested in exploring the kinds of economic and regeneration activities that LEPs could commission if they chose to embrace ‘different’ assumptions about economic growth and its role in society.

It is open to anyone to join.  If you want to be ‘on the board’ then drop me your name and contact details.

You will have no obligations and no responsibilities.  You will not be paid.  Not even expenses.

If you choose you may read this blog, contribute posts and comments – but that is up to you.

If we get an interesting enough bunch we may even get together for a conversation or two.

By joining the board of the AltLep you will be signalling that you have some sympathy with some aspect of what we are trying to do.

That is all.

The Current Board

Mike Chitty

Dawn Wood – @FabricationLS2

Danny – the dog.